For Kids

Want to buy something that’s always been on your wish list? You can take the initiative and make it happen by selling Raindrops candy. Find out how starting and running your own business can be a truly rewarding experience. Through lots of hard work and determination, sweet success can be yours!

For Families

Is there a big trip you’ve always wanted to take together? An incredible experience you want to share with the people you love most? Running a Raindrops business with your family can lead to lots of fantastic opportunities you’ll remember for a lifetime.

For Schools

Want to help with an important fundraising activity at your school? Selling Raindrops candy for such a worthy cause will help your spirit shine through. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about taking on a leadership role, as your work towards achieving an amazing goal.

Raindrops come in seven amazing flavors

Bold tastes. Bright colors. Big variety. Raindrops has it all. Plus, they're vegan friendly and Kosher, too! One more thing: The boxes that contain these incredible candy treats are going to become collectibles. So you can store 'em, stack 'em and share 'em with your friends and family. Pretty amazing business to be in, don't you think?

Our Mission.

The Raindrops program was created to showcase the power of hard work, determination, and achievement. It’s more than just selling delicious candy, though. It’s all about showing kids how to set powerful goals, sharpen their leadership skills, manage their money effectively and ultimately use their earnings for something meaningful and memorable. Box by box, they’ll build a foundation for success that can become a tremendous source of pride.